Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zoie dear in 3D/4D

The latest addition to our family -- Zoie! We had this 3D/4D done in Face to Face, the block, SM North Edsa last 08 April 2009 as requested by our OB-GYN.
A bit shy at first since she was hugging mama during the OB-sonologist's initial peek. Was then advised to walk around the mall and be back after a while. We then decided to take our lunch first as Kuya Zach talks to her so we can see her.
We went back to the clinic after more than an hour. Finally, she changed position, still with the help of Kuya Zach's voice. :)
Peacefully napping while we check her out but changing positions every now and then. She's simply adorable. :) Dada on the other hand was more eager to re-confirm her gender. Ang kulit! There are times that she'd open her eyes, giving us the can-you-please-stop-disturbing-me look. :) Sorry baby, mama & dada are just excited to see you in there.
On the other hand, Kuya Zach had his moment as he was trying to get Dada's attention off Zoie. Hehe, I know I'll be seeing more of these episodes but rest assured, nothing will be changed. Both of them will be loved equally.
Can't wait for the day to finally have Zoie in our arms. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're 4! : )

Some of Zoie's early snapshots. Taken by Dra. Christia Padolina at the CMC.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

LSM family day

08 Sep 2007: A fun-filled Saturday morning with LSM Kinder students. Ok, I'm one of the homeroom officers for their section and kinda helped in the preparation of this event. Though keeping to myself that I organize parties and events. Kahiya naman, baka they'll think that I'm taking over.

Anyway, we sponsored the chocolate fondue. As usual, it was a big hit! Young and adults were rushing to our table as soon as we started pouring the chocolate... Here's a photo of how it looked like before serving the chocolate. : ) You wouldn't recognize it after the chocolate was wiped out... : )

I was surprised to see a very sociable son that day. He introduced his classmates to us one by one. I've never seen him so bubbly and playful as this day even in parties. He really must have been enjoying his schooling. I'm glad. : ) I was always checking on him as he quickly vanishes from my sight as soon as he was with his friends..

Photo ops with the happy bee...with his friends and classmates...

Look at those cheeks.. : ) Baby jollibee? : )

bedtime...story time...bonding time...

This is how Zach preps himself to sleep at night...He would ask me or his dada to tell him a story...after the storytelling, he would gather all his friends -- Barney, BJ and his baby bolster then ask for his milk! Yes, he still drinks in the bottle.
Sleeping time is the best time for us to bond. Zach is in his best during this time. I mean, he is most of the time happy, sweet and super cuddly. We hear different stories from him like what he actually did in the school, daycare and kumon. Most of his antics and jokes are heard during this time.

See how 'pa-cute' he gets with the camera? :o)

Monday, September 24, 2007


May 14, 2005: Our first visit (with Zach, ofcourse) to our Motalban property. Zach obviously was overwhelmed by the fact that we now have our own place. : ) He keeps on repeating that we should move in as soon as we can. As if it's all that easy. Notice that there are still lots of things (and budget) to be done.
Presently, this property is paying for itself since we're having it rented. Ironically, we're renting our place here in Ortigas at a much bigger amortization.

zach anecdotes

one educational afternoon with zach..he was two y/o then..


mama: zach what's the english word for 'mata'?

zach: eyes!

mama: for 'labi'?

zach: lips!

mama: for 'puso'?

zach: GMA!

: )


zach in the mood fror spelling out words and reading them . he then saw my dad's table name plate he then reads:

E-F-R-E-N-D-U-B-A-N-A...tennis court!

wehehe! my dad is a tennis player and he knows that! : )

Sunday, September 23, 2007

party hopping!

Yes, last Saturday was indeed one hectic schedule for us. We practically hopped from one party to the other. Well, we have to prioritize where to go first ofcourse.
Before leaving the house, I made sure that I did my assignment -- do Zach's laundry. : ) We'll be back Sunday night so I really have to make sure Zach's school uniform will be ready by then. Anyway, we left the house a bit early since we have to drop by the mall to get a gift for the second party. Good thing I got Zef's gift a week before the party. It was such a great deal!
Anyway, the first party we went to was Zef's. Syempre, we have to be here first since dear Zef is my godson and my cute nephew. : ) It's his first birthday. How time really flies. Party was held at McDonald's Q. Ave branch. We were there early so we can leave a bit early din. Since Zach was not in the mood joining the parlor games (what's new??) Mama and Dada have to join games to get prizes for our dear son : ) We were in the party mood that afternoon. Just when I realized I shouldn't be in the venue in the first place. Hehe. Anyway, right after the food was served, we were now ready to leave for the other party...
The second party however was held at the Clubhouse of Don Jose Subd, QC. It's also the first birthday of Ysa, daughter of our good friends Patrick and Gina. They were gifted with two lovely daughters. This time, we came in really late. We made it to the food buffet though. : ) Not to mention the many toys Zach got for himself.
'Twas tiring but I know Zach enjoyed them. Our family came in white polo shirt and jeans btw. : ) Color coordinated as always. : )

Thursday, September 20, 2007

dada's birthday treat

16th of June : Dada's 34th birthday...It was a saturday so we decided to just go out and take a stroll in the mall. Zach wanted to go to Mall of Asia so we gave in. It was a very simple celebration though.

We ate in an Italian restaurant, where these photos were taken. Dada got a raise so he treated us to a good feast. Hehe, very unlikely of him but there are reasons to celebrate. : ) After we decided on what food to order, my sister Cel (who happens to be celebrating her birthday the same date as dada's) texted us to have dinner in a steak house.

Well, you guessed it right, after our 'merienda', we went to House of Minis along C5 and had our dinner there. : )


Yes, Zach took our picture here... : ) : ) : )

one sleepy weekend afternoon...

Zach loves to sleep on his big tummy...This is his usual sleeping position. I was not feeling sleepy at all so I decided to play around with my phone camera...

Actually, I was kissing this kiddo while taking the pix...kaya nagagalit, hehe!

...his chubby fingers

I know I'll be missing this moment with him soon because he grows so fast. If only I can make him stay this cute and cuddly forever... : )

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

first day high!

I can't believe that our son is actually a school boy! Indeed, time flies so fast. He was just the baby we long to go home to everyday from work.

I'm so happy with his improvement though. When we first enrolled him in a trial course sometime summer of 2006, we really had a hard time making him stay in the classroom alone. He was the only student with a companion inside the classroom! But when we had him take the entrance examination at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, he was all ready and super excited. He just made a 'wait-for-me-there-outside-mom/dad-sign' before entering the examination room. He really has matured. We give all the credits with his stay in the daycare (thank God, philhealth offers this kind of benefit to their employees!)

Parents were allowed to send/watch their child to school for 3 days, afterwhich, Zach has to go there all by himself. I thought he wouldn't agree. But to my surprise, on the second day dada and mama sent him, he just gave us a wave and went directly inside the classroom. : ) From then on, I knew he would do well. Not just academically but emotionally. I know he'll grow up doing good in his studies just like his mama and dada.

Kudos our son! Keep up the good work! : )

Little boy in uniform (neo-ferm, as how zach says it. : ) )

Took this inside the LSM campus while sending him during his first day. Notice he is all smiles! : )

Getting ready to leave Zach alone...I think it's me who has separation anxiety...hmm...

Dada giving his final instructions before finally leaving him alone in the classroon. That's Teacher Jo, btw. : )

This is the view as we watch him from the classroom's door...patiently waiting for his other classmates to arrive...

Teacher Jo makes them fall in line before finally sending them off to their respective guardians...

That's our boy, being released by the LSM guards, hehe! : )

In dada's arms...

Going home... : )

Stars all over his arms! Great job, Zach! : )

our family blog...

I feel that I'm being a late bloomer for this but hey, I thought it's nice to document funny anecdotes, everyday conversation with our son, family adventures, road trips and our life's simple happiness in one site. It's much easier (I think & I hope) to maintain such (aside from our tons of photos) than having the good-ol-diary. And since I'm in front of the computer most of the time, might as well be techie. : )
I've always been a diary-keeper during my younger years. Eversince gradeschool, I make sure I write down any exciting, happy and even the saddest part of my growing up years. I brought that with me until I met Ric. In fact when my then-bf-now-loving-hubby went to Bangkok to work, I had this journal wherein I write down my everyday activities since he left. That was the first time we were apart.
Now, I wanted to share not just how we survived and lived through the years, (9 years of being bf/gf, 2 years civilly married before zach came along) hehe, but our journey in life as parents to our dear son. More of our everyday adventure in my succeeding entries. : )